Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Football Attic Podcast 16 - BALLS!

30 years (probably) on from Podcast 15, an aged Rich & Chris talk balls for an hour! What's new you say? A ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa... you're a funny guy!

Anyway, the old boys are discussing FOOTballs!

Which is the best all time football? The Tango or the Telstar?

Which is the worst? Easy... the Fevernova!

Ball ball ball!

Footy footy footy!

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  1. Great Pod gents, very enjoyable. As a referee my issue wit the Fevernova was the panels were slightly cushioned, so every twobob Sunday morning player thought it needed pumping up. The 82 Tango is my favourite and I had a plastic version for teh garden, my brother and I took more care over that than any other as we seemed to have that one for loger than any other I can recall.

    Regarding the "Petrol station" balls. Anyone remember an Orange & Black ball with tiny sky blue flecks? Tried googling it but I can't recall the brand. We'd be talking very early 80's

    p.s. 1973 was the last Cup Final to use an Orange ball, will until this season!

    1. Thanks Andrew!

      Yes, you're right - I do seem to remember the Fevernova had a softer feel to them. I'd forgotten that!

      Can't say I remember the orange and black ball you refer to... Anyone?

  2. A good listen! I always enjoy these.
    The gag about the unfortunate print on the Teamgeist ball was a particular laugh aloud moment.
    I know that the Tango 12 design was also used as the Matchball for the MLS that same year and featured a metallic silver incarnation for either the finals or the entire playoffs. The MLS Tango balls from '12 (The "MLS Prime") are all over eBay as of lately, and at pretty decent values. I think the same ball design with different print were used at the Olympics and in League 1 in France too.
    Anyways, Thanks for the Podcast.

    1. Thanks Anonymous! Glad we've succeeded in entertaining and amusing our audience... :)

      Thanks also for your details about the Tango12 ball being used in MLS. I knew *someone* must have requested a special variation of that design! :)