Friday, 31 January 2014

Focus On... Al Gordon

One of the reasons why we started this series is because we knew that many of the people producing football blogs, podcasts and other online projects are thoroughly decent people that deserve to have greater recognition. A fine example of that is Al Gordon, the man whose passion for The Addicks is made manifest on his blog site God, Charlton and Punk Rock.

If you like reading the words of a true football fan without all the acid-tongued vitriol of a blinkered, deluded ultra, Al is most certainly the man you should seek out. Not only that, but if you live in South London, he's exactly the sort of man to talk football with over a satisfying pint or two. A free tip that you'll thank us later for.

If you're still curious to know more about Al, here's our Focus On profile to tell you everything you need to know...

Full Name:
Al Gordon

Current blog/podcast(s):
God, Charlton and Punk Rock and Arsene Wenger's Coat


10 January 1971

Al Gordon
Six foot something

Yes, to Heidi

A stepson, Darrel


Favourite blogs/podcasts:
Stand AMF, True Colours, Got Not Got, Who Ate All The Pies and a host of great Charlton blogs. Did I forget The Attic?

Team(s) supported:
Charlton Athletic, Sutton United and Horley Town

Favourite football player ever:
Eddie Youds

Biggest thrill while working on your web project(s):
Very little negative feedback. Or threats.

Biggest disappointment while working on your web project(s):
It's always disappointing when you submit something and it isn't used. I'm saving those all up for a future best-selling publication.

Best countries visited:
Poland, Czech Republic

Favourite food:
Pie and mash

Miscelleaneous likes:
Scooters. Clobber. Trainers. Real ale. Classic novels. Looking sharp whilst riding my scooter to a quiet boozer for a pint of Young's and a chapter of a book sounds like a plan.

Miscellaneous dislikes:
American sitcoms. Gastro Pubs. Badly dressed men. Trendy 'berry' ciders served over ice. Coconut.

Favourite TV shows:
Minder, Peaky Blinders, Knowing Me Knowing You.

Favourite actors/actresses:
Richard E Grant in Withnail & I, Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast, Michael Caine in Alfie. Not necessarily in that order.

Favourite musicians:
The Wedding Present, The Clash, The Style Council, old Jamaican Ska and some Northern Soul.

Biggest drag while working on your web project(s):
Trying to make a club specific blog different every week due to such a high standard of competition.

Personal ambition:
To one day write for a living. That, however, is unlikely so perhaps I'll aim for robbing a bank and retiring to a place in the sun on the takings.

If not in your current career, which job would you do?
Anything that involved wearing a well-cut whistle.

Which person in the world would you most like to meet?
If I had to host that food show where you have folks round to dinner I'd invite John Lydon, George Cole, Helena Bonham Carter, and Alan Partridge.

Favourite activity on a day off:
Going to a football match. If it wasn't, I'd think you'd got the wrong man for this.

A very big thank you to Al Gordon for joining the esteemed ranks of our Focus On feature, and don't forget, if you've got a football blog, podcast or other project, you can take part too. Just visit our info page and fill in all your details - we look forward to hearing from you!

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