Saturday, 20 July 2013

Football and Comedy: Alas Smith and Jones (1986) - Tribute to Mel Smith

Sad news reaches us today of the death of Mel Smith, a fine comedy writer, actor and performer who graced British TV screens along with partner Griff Rhys-Jones during the 1980's.

Their long-running BBC show, Alas Smith and Jones, featured many a brilliantly observed sketch that often highlighted the joys and absurdities of everyday life. In tribute to Mel Smith, here's a quick sketch in which he plays the part of a TV announcer reading out the Saturday afternoon football results on Grandstand - itself lost to the changing trends of British programming.

Note the growing euphoria on the part of the announcer as he finally allows himself not just to accept the futility of reading endless football results, but enjoying the opportunity to convey his frustration to a watching public. If only real life was like this every once in a while.


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