Sunday, 2 December 2012

Greatest Shirt Sponsor Ever - Round 3

We've reached Round 3 - The Round of 16 - of The Greatest Shirt Sponsor Ever!

Round 2 ended on Friday and the results can be viewed here. And what a set of results they are! Hitachi defeated by Avco, Panasonic losing out to TDK and the biggest travesty of all, Granada Bingo losing to Blackburn's McEwans!!! ;-)

So with the first lot of seeded casualties, the remaining 32 sponsors now fight it out amongst themselves.

Once again, our thanks and gratitude go out to John Devlin for kindly allowing us to use his fantastic illustrations. John's work can be found at the True Colours site and he is also on Twitter so pay him a visit and give him a follow.


1) You are voting for the SPONSOR, not the team that it adorned.

2) Voting for Round 2 closes at 23:59 on Thursday 6th December

3) This is a bit of fun... if you don't like the results, take a deep breath, smile and accept that democracy is flawed... ;-)

NB From this point on, the polls will no longer show the results after you've voted. Results will be revealed at the end of the round.

Let battle commence!


  1. Hello! Great contest, although Doc Martens going out was a travesty! Hendon FC are a little obscure and so can't really be said to have had the greatest shirt sponsor but I think that in Fender they may have had the coolest!

    Many happy hours lost on your site cheers!

    1. Hi Geoff,
      Thanks for the kind words.
      They are some sweet looking shirts! Wonder if anyone's ever been sponsored by Marshall Amps? Fender on the home,Marschall on the away would be sub zero ;-)

    2. Hi Geoff,

      Many thanks for saying such nice things about the poll. As a West Ham supporter, I too was disappointed by the elimination of Dr Martens. Mind you, the win for Avco over Hitachi more than made up for that!

      How wonderful to see Fender as a shirt sponsor! That's just about the coolest thing ever! Such a shame Hendon never played top-flight football - they'd have walked this competition!

      All the best and regards,
      Chris O.

    3. MK Dons 2004-09 -

    4. Ha! Thanks Amir! Shame it had to be MK though ;-)