Monday, 1 October 2012

Panini Look-a-Likes

Following on from my article on some of Panini's more bizarre stickers, I decided to delve further and see what other horrors or delights it might throw up.

Having gone through all the albums from 1970-1982, I can tell you there are some absolute gems in there and I'll deal with some of the strangest ones another time. This article will deal with the sheer number of look-a-likes that can be found in the hallowed pages.

Starting in 1970 and it's a little known fact that both comedy legend Barry Chuckle and serial killer Fred West were in the starting 11 for Sweden.

To me...etc...

Something about the devil's work and idle Hans...

Next to make an appearance, this time for Bulgaria, is Brendan Rodgers, seen here in full on pose mode. Quite why he's fallen out with his former self I can't say...possibly an argument over image rights?

He seemed happier in 1970

Before we jet off to West Germany in 1974, Justin Timberlake's no-show at the closing ceremony if Mexico 70 can finally be explained...he'd been called up by Romania

Flaviu Domide...bringing sexy back

And so to WM74 where FIFA is being run by Alan Wicker...

And Scotland's poor showing can be explained by their keeper being off his face...

ook ook!

Finally we land in Argentina circa 1978 where David Baddiel has joined a commune...

That's your mum that is...
The superbly tonsorial Leonardo Cuellar has already enjoyed fame over at the excellent Got, Not Got as part of their search for the coolest football cards ever, but hair that good is surely worth another outing!


  1. Leonardo Cuellar looks more like Richard Reid, aka "The Shoe Bomber"!

    1. LOL! Richard Reid also looks a lot like former Coventry player Mustapha Hadji :)

  2. Believe it or not, there is a bloke in my company's New York office who is Leonardo Cuellar's son.

    1. And have you sent him this link yet??? Along with a link explaining who David Baddiel is ;-)