Sunday, 17 June 2012

England v Team America, 1976 Bicentennial Cup

As far as away kits go, England have only ever worn yellow on four occasions. Three of them were during the summer of 1973, the most notable of which was a World Cup qualifier against Poland. The other occasion, however, was for the 1976 Bicentennial Cup, a four-team competition celebrating the 200th anniversary of the USA's Declaration of Independence.

Luckily enough, England had failed to qualify for the finals of the 1976 European Championship, so what better way to spend the summer than to play across the pond against Italy, Brazil and a team representing the United States made up of a wide range of players including Pelé and Bobby Moore.

Here's a chance to see some of the action, plus of course that rarest of rare sightings - England in yellow...


  1. Really weird seeing England in yellow but this wasn't the only time they wore it.

    They wore yellow in three games in the summer of 1973, including the World Cup qualifying defeat in Poland. (link below)

  2. Thanks for putting me right on that one, MJ. I completely forgot those three games of which you speak, therefore I've now amended the original text to reflect that.

    I appreciate you pointing out the error, so thanks again!