Wednesday, 23 May 2012

League of Blogs Roll Call

Now the League of Blogs Wallchart is complete, here's the full list of 63 participants.

A big thank you to you all!

The Football Attic    
Nelson's Column    
God, Charlton and Punk Rock    
Wayward Effort    
Football Cliches    
Wrong Side of the Pond    
Football Fatties    
Got, Not Got    
We Are The Twins    
Cork City Kits    
Canadian Geordie    
A United View    
Footy Ramblings    
A Northern Soul    
World Cup Tracker    
The Footy Blog.Net   
The Real FA Cup    
The Sunshine Room    
Scottish Football Forums    
Nerazzuri World    
Estadios de Fútbol en España    
Ruud Gullit Sitting On A Shed    
French Football Weekly    
The Two Unfortunates    
Put A Jumper On    
Play With Flair    
Pentagame Sports    
True Colours Kits    
Spirit of Mirko    
Design Football    
My Life In Football    
A More Beautiful Game    
Three Match Ban    
Two Hundred Percent    
Bootiful Game    
Away Days    
EPL Talk    
Betting Expert Blog   
Football Fairground    
Bundesliga Lounge    
Slide Rule Pass    
Narrow The Angle   
Total Footbull    
Red and White Double Pivot    
Maradona's Right Foot    
Ekstraklasa Review    
One Stepover Too Many    
Charlton Casual    
The Seagull Love Review    
The Exiled Robin    
The Football Project    
Hungry Ted    
The False 9    
Down In the Box    
Feint Zebra    
2nd Yellow    
Row Z    
Football Following    
Llandudno Jet Set


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