Friday, 30 March 2012

Football Attic FC & The League of Blogs Wallchart

Football Attic FC?  Have Chris and Rich decided to unhang their boots and get back out on the field?  Of course not!

Following on from Chris' excellent article about his days as a teenage kit designer, we decided we ought to have an official Football Attic FC strip. To that end, I got out my crayons (OK, a graphics package) and put together the home shirt.

FAFC 'Home'

Obviously, there may come a time that FAFC will be drawn against another team in... er... brown... maybe St Pauli? This would of course necessitate a change strip. We at the Football Attic are firm believers in using reverse colours for the away kit and our first choice was for a straight reversal of the home design, but, ever the perfectionists, it just seemed a bit too simple. And so, the away kit you see here was born.

FAFC 'Away'

That's all very stylish and suave I hear you say, but what is this League of Blogs Wallchart thing you also mentioned?

Well, it's a natural train of thought that leaves Football Attic Central and journeys across the blogosphere stopping at other football blogs to see what their kits would be like. Given the Football Attic thought train never stays on a straight path for very long, it was only natural to arrive at the decision to create a Football Blog Kit Wallchart.

Here's the deal... We'll shortly be putting up a Subbuteo-style template. Download it, design your blog's kit, send it back to us and we'll compile them all into an awesome wallchart for you to cut out and keep.

Watch this space!


  1. Love the home shirt, but there's far too much West Ham in the other for me.

    Can't wait to have a go myself.......

    1. I'm sure Chris would say there's no such thing as too much West Ham ;-)

      Can't wait to see your designs too :)

    2. Took the words right out of my mouth... :)

  2. Very retro which is all the rage with the kids these days isn't it? Kit manufactured by Adidas?

    1. Retro kind of fitted the ethos of the 'club' ;)
      There's actually only 2 stripes on the's 'manufactured' in house...ahem...

  3. What a really awesome idea, already thinking ideas for my kit!