1 November 2013

Videoblog 4: Club Colours (1998)

If you heard our recent Football Attic podcast, you'll know we're borderline nerdists when it comes to football kit design. To prove that point beyond any reasonable doubt, we bring you our fourth Videoblog which takes as its subject a book all about football kit design.

Club Colours is its title and Bob Bickerton is the author and illustrator. If you want to know what's between the covers, watch the video and perhaps leave us a comment afterwards to tell us what you thought.

Club Colours
published by Hamlyn
ISBN: 0-600-59542-0


  1. I bought this book a few years back, initially I was quite dissapointed. We've been so spoilt by the True Colours books that maybe my expectations were too high. I grew on me and am now glad I have it, as great as John's books are to cover all 92 League teams, Bob has to be congratulated.

    Andy Rockall

    1. Couldn't agree more, Andy. Nice to know someone else has the book, too!

  2. I bought this when it came out in 1999, at the time it was amazing to have such a book, even if it is a bit too text-heavy